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  • PTCL EVO Coverage MapPTCL EVO covers more than 250 cities and towns. Click to check the coverage area of PTCL EVO
  • PTCL EVO InformationWhy PTCL EVO and PTCL Wingle? Click for information about PTCL EVO and PTCL Wingle features
  • PTCL EVO PackagesPTCL EVO and PTCL Wingle offer attractive and affordable packages. Click to check out the latest packages

PTCL EVO / Wingle Information

PTCL EVO Homepage

  • Wireless Broadband with speeds upto 9.3Mbps
  • Mobility/ Portability
  • Nationwide Roaming in more than 250 cities and towns 
  • Average download speeds from 300 kbps to 500 kbps
  • Plug & Play – Instant Connectivity
  • Attractive data packages



PTCL EVO and Wingle Packages

PTCL EVO Packages

PTCL has introduced different time based and volume based packages to suit the needs of different data requirements.

Besides the unlimited package, PTCL has also introduced cheaper packages like 5GB package in Rs. 899 only, 10GB in Rs. 1,199 only. offers PTCL EVO and PTCL Wingle USBs at discounted prices.


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