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EVO Wingle

PTCL EVO Wingle Wifi Hotspot

PTCL Wingle is Pakistan’s first 3G USB modem with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. EVO Wingle lets you connect multiple Wi-Fi gadgets simultaneously at speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps* in over 200 cities, and auto switch over to Evo 3.1 Mbps in over 250 cities. PTCL Wingle USB can be connected into any USB power adapter


Wingle WifiCountry’s First Wi-Fi enabled USB with Built-in Wi-Fi and Hi-Link Technology to support both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity


PTCL Wingle up to 9.3MbpsGet connected to speeds of up to 9.3Mbps in 200+ cities with seamless roaming and auto switch over to EVO 3.1Mbps speeds in over 250 cities


Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously to 9.3Mbps internet in 250+ cities across the country.


Works with any external USB power adapter, can directly connect through your laptop; power-up through your car stereo system or cigarette lighter charger, or simply plug into any power socket in your home/office; get connected anywhere anytime.


Plug & Share! No installations required, just plug in your EVO Wingle to instantly start surfing or create your Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere, anytime!



Secure, Password-Protected connection that lets you choose the people and the devices who access your wifi zone.


Universal Wi-Fi compatibility; so plug-in your EVO Wingle & get ready to mingle with multiple Wi-Fi enabled gadgets simultaneously!


Wi-Fi devices in the range of up to 100 meters from the EVO Wingle can be connected to 3G speeds.

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